About Us

SomewhereDomains.com provides domain registrations using the OpenSRS system. The system is simple, fast, reasonably-priced and completely web-based. We also offer personal service that our long-term customers have come to appreciate. We've been active on the Net since before it was called the Internet, and we understand both the technology and culture.

Our markup on top of the costs from OpenSRS is minimal: just enough to make it worthwhile for us to continue providing the personal service you deserve. Most of what you are paying is going to OpenSRS, ICANN, or the credit card processing companies. We know there are people out there offering domain name registration more cheaply, but the only way they can do that is by making it a loss-leader and then constantly bugging you to upgrade or add new services. We will never do that to you. The only time you will see additional services offered is when it is time to renew your domain, in case you want to add something at that time. We will never send you email advertising anything and will never bug you.

Our domain registrations now include free DNS, e-mail forwarding, and domain forwarding at no additional cost.  A Contact Privacy service is available, but unfortunately there is an extra cost of a few dollars a year (depending on top-level domain) that we have to pass on from OpenSRS. In addition, because we use OpenSRS, you are free to manage your domain from any OpenSRS reseller—you don't have to worry about what happens if your registrar goes out of business. (Not that we're planning to go anywhere, we've been Somewhere for a long time!)